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Sweet celebration treats

What’s a celebration without something sweet? Whether you’ve got a birthday, anniversary or graduation lined up, our menu’s got something to sweeten the occasion. Here are five Milky Lane treats you can enjoy on your special day:

Ice Cream

Most people will make up any excuse to indulge in an ice cream, and it’s not hard to see why! Whether you prefer a cone, cup or tub, there are few things as yummilicious as a few scoops of your favourite frozen treat. But why settle for standard when you can have something oh-so-sweet and special? When you’re craving a colourful explosion of flavour, enjoy our signature NiceCream with a friend or all by yourself.

Two ice cream cones with chocolate bits and sprinkles.
An ice cream cake on a white platter against a pink background.

Ice Cream cake

Some of your sweetest memories probably involve a birthday (or any cake, for that matter). A celebration can never have too much cake, but sometimes you need something slightly different to satisfy your sweet tooth. That’s where our range of moist NiceCream cakes comes in. Celebrate any occasion from birthdays to holidays with our oh-so-special, themed and personalised ice cream cakes.


Drink or dessert? Does it matter when your sweet treat is so dreamy? Whether you’re looking for something fuss-free or double thick with all the toppings you can imagine, we’ve got your flavour of feelgood. So, whenever your next celebration rolls around, consider enjoying a glass or two of everyone’s favourite dreamy dessert.

A chocolate milkshake with green sweet sauce and chocolate bits in a transparent glass.
A plate of waffles with two scoops of ice cream and a chocolate wafer.


Let’s be honest: waffles are the only thing worth waking up early for. But they’re not just a sweet addition to the most important meal of the day. They’re also a great way to celebrate everything from acing an exam to rekindling an old friendship on a coffee date. We’ve got a wide range of wonder-filled treats for you to enjoy, from our Classic right up to our decadent Ferrero Rocher® waffle.


Some people prefer to keep it simple. So as soon as we hand them our warm drinks menu, the first order of business is grabbing something classic like a cappuccino. Then there are those who prefer their warm brews to be just as sweet as their favourite dessert. We’ve got you covered, too! If you’re looking for a drink that’s just as sweet as it is warm, try our Hot Chocolate topped with oh-so-yummy NiceCream or cream, or a Ripple Affagato (before you ask, it’s Swirls of oh-so-yummy NiceCream with a shot of hot espresso and topped with crushed Ripple).
A café latte in a pink cup on a saucer.

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