Summer Fun and Oh-So-Sweet Waffles

waffle with ice cream chocolate sauce and a flake with wafer biscuit

Ice Cream Cakes for Kids Summer time is great! You get to put on your favourite bright-coloured summer clothing, and take dips in the pool with family and friends. There’s only one way to make it more perfect than it already is, making it a #Feelgood summer with our Oh-So-Sweet waffles! DON’T MELT, LEAVE THAT […]

World Record for the Largest Man Made Smile

Group of people making the largest manmade smile

World Record for the Largest Man Made Smile Let’s start with the obvious: dessert makes everything better. Whether it’s a slice of ice cream cake, a plate of waffles or a scoop of ice cream, digging into a sweet treat is the easiest way to lift your mood. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it […]

Ice Cream Cakes for Kids

Kids in a decorated garden

Ice Cream Cakes for Kids Humans have been fascinated by unicorns for thousands for years, and it’s easy to see why these mythical creatures hold a special place in many people’s hearts. They represent goodness, happiness and peace but are also a symbol of the stardust covered dreams many of us have. So it only […]