Come in and Enjoy your Celebration at Milky Lane

Celebrate everyday wins with a treat

Did the little one make you proud by not kicking up a fuss this morning? Was loadshedding suspended for the weekend? Or did you finally manage to beat the traffic and get to work on time? No win is too small. We’re your celebration station and every reason deserves to be celebrated with a sweet treat.


Treat yourself to an Ice cream Tub

Look at you, getting up early to do some much needed life admin, you deserve more than just a pat on the back, you derserve a yummilicious ice cream treat. Treat yourself to a colourful explosion with our Chocolate Candies NiceCream Tubz. When the little ones start the day without the usual morning fuss, celebrate this incredibly rare occurrence with a treat that’s #TubzofFun. Bring them to the celebration station and spoil them with the chocolatey goodness of our Bar-One® NiceCream Tubz. Make every and any reason one that needs to be celebrated. Finished running errands? Yay, it’s time to celebrate. Made it through an average, normal day, yep you guessed it, it’s time to celebrate. So come on over and treat yourself to the oh-so-rich taste of our Black Forrest NiceCream Tubz. Please revise this

Treat yourself to an Ice cream stick

Did you manage to get the washing done just before loadshedding? That’s something that will have anyone bubbling up with joy. So, hop on in the part-yay train and come enjoy our Bubblegum Bingo NiceCream Stix.

When is a good time to celebrate with a chocolate ice cream? Every time! Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s too early or too late for a sweet treat. At the celebration station every occasion is a FeelGood one that should be celebrated with the delicious goodness of our Oreo® Chocolate NiceCream Stix.


Celebrate the special moments

Every moment is special when it’s enjoyed with the ones you love. That’s why they always need to be celebrated with a treat. Ours are oh-so-sweet and are perfect for making happy memories with your favourite people.

Wonderfilled celebrations over oh-so-sweet waffles

Are you celebrating your friendiversary over an ice cream date? Then you need to make your way to Milky Lane to enjoy all your FeelGood memories over our oh-so-sweet Ferrero Rocher® waffles. You’ve been saving for that car for some time and now that it’s finally here, it’s time for a part-yay. This is a big win and needs to be celebrated the right way. Come through in your new ride with family and friends to enjoy our Death By Chocolate or any of our other oh-so-sweet waffles. School isn’t always fun & games, but when the little ones work hard and ace that subject that seemed too hard, then it’s time to come through to the Celebration Station. Mr Waffle head, the Mini Palace and our Unicorn waffles are just waiting to have fun celebrations with them. You’ll also feel like a kid as you indulge in our oh-so-sweet Lindt® Hello cookies & cream waffle, so stop waffling around and come around to the celebration station.

Sunday Dates are for Superlicious Sunnydaes

YAY! It’s another year of enjoying fun days, sunshine and dates with your favourite person. Come create more fun memories on your anniversary with something that’s three times as sweet like our Triple Chocolate Mousse Sunnydae. Couple goals is when you and your special person keep ticking things of that bucket list. Come through and celebrate the big and the small relationship-wins with a Custard Surprise Sunnydae. It will have your tastebuds falling in love over layers of oh-so-yummy NiceCream, custard, and chocolate sauce. There are so many more Superlicious Sunnydaes for the perfect date, you just simply have to get to the sweet spot to enjoy one.

Come have fun-filled birthday celebrations with Milky Lane

Did somebody say birthday? We’ve got fun NiceCream cakes to make your birthday celebration one that is filled with the sweetest treat. Make your day Galaxies Of Fun, a wonderfilled adventure with our Unicorn of the Sea or add sprinkles of fun with our Fallen Cone NiceCream cake. So head on over to the Celebration Station. We’ve got yummilicious ice cream cakes that everyone will enjoy.