new nicecream ice-cream conez small wins deserve big treats

We always celebrate the big wins, but never the little ones

The little moments that make us burst into Yay!, puts a smile on our faces and, sometimes, moves us to give ourselves a thumbs up in a mirror. Like the time you woke up without snoozing your alarm three times, whenever you nail that trending dance move or answer a call on the first ring. These are Yay! moments and they deserve to be celebrated, no matter how small! So, come to Milky Lane and celebrate with NiceCream Conez. A big ice cream treat that’s perfect for celebrating all of your Yay! moments.
animated conefetti ice cream cone with chocolate bits

Nutty choc

Crunchy sweet bliss that will have you dancing with excitement

animated conefetti ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles

Rainbow sprinkles

A colourful explosion of flavour that will make you sparkle with joy

animated conefetti ice cream cone with peppermint chocolate

Peppermint AERO®

A refreshing and sweet sensation
that will leave you smiling for days

yay! Let's celebrate text

NiceCream Conez is all about celebrating your small wins with a big, oh-so-delicious ice cream treat! So, go ahead and share a Yay! moment with us. Let’s help you find a reason to celebrate or you can tell us about your Yay! moment. Try it now!

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8 nicecream conez ice cream cones
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Make any day a fun day with 4, 8, or 16 bundles of NiceCream Conez.



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