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It’s time to celebrate with Milky Lane, so, get on the part-YAY train!

Get ready for fun and games galore, And since we’re friends, there’s more instore. Whatever, you’re celebrating, big or small, we’ve got feelgood treats that are loved by all!
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Get a taste of


when you’re on the go

When you need a sweet fix, make a sweet move, quick.
Get a taste of happiness at the mall or bring some home for one and all. Whether it’s a quick nibble to perk you up, or a wonderfilled celebration setup, our Sweet Moves treats start the party and bring smiles to everybody.

Add yay to your day with

NiceCream Conez

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Add yay to your day with

NiceCream Stix

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Enjoy our waffly-cute​

Sweet Waffle Cookies

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What makes for a sweet celebration? A NiceCream Cake at the occasion!
Whether it’s your anniversary, birthday or graduation, we’ve got an ice cream cake that will bring elation. Every moment is worth celebrating, big and small, and with Milky Lane you can celebrate them all!

It’s Time to celebrate with our​

NiceCream Cakes

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