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A yummilicious Nicecream cake for every celebration

Hip hip hooray is what we say every day. Why?

Because at Milky Lane there’s always a reason for FeelGood celebrations. Are you turning a year older? Deciding if the cake is pink or blue for a loved one’s baby shower? Or just celebrating an anniversary of yet another year with someone special? Either way, we’ve got custom NiceCream cakes for every celebration.
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NiceCream cakes to make any birthday the sweetest celebration

A birthday just isn’t a happy one without cake. That’s why we have a range of yummillicious NiceCream cakes that bring all the funtastic sweetness needed for a special day.

Make your special day one of wonderfilled imagination with our Unicorn of the Sea NiceCream cake. It’s the best way to fill your part-yay with fun, colour, and laughter. Or why not add more smiles with our Bubblegum Bingo NiceCream Stix Bundle?

unicorn of the sea nicecream cake
Ice cream cake with galaxy ice cream stix
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A celebration that’s pretty & pink

When you’re looking for an ice cream cake for the perfect baby shower, add sprinkles of smiles to your celebration with our Fallen Cone NiceCream Cake. It’s great for your themed parties, pool parties, and any other time you need to part-yay with your favourite people. Go all the way pink by adding a bundle of our Strawberry White Choc NiceCream Stix. 

Make every celebration galaxies of fun

Every year is a milestone, which is why every anniversary has to be celebrated. Just graduated? Then it’s time for more smiles & FeelGood memories! Let your inner-child free with all the joyfulness you’ll get from our Galaxy of Fun NiceCream Cake.

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Have the sweetest break

Your favourite people just bought a house? That’s the best news ever, it’s the kind of news that needs the sweetest FeelGood celebration. Treat them to the kind of house warming ice cream cake that says, “This is amazing, enjoy it”. Our Have A Break Kit Kat® NiceCream cake is how to say it best. It’s also perfect way to celebrate holidays and family reunions.

A Nice Cream cake that screams celebration

If you’re celebrating a FeelGood year with your colleagues, we’ve got a cake for that. Passing Matric is a big deal as well, and it definitely needs to be celebrated with a sweet NiceCream cake. Need to celebrate the start of something big? Our Cookies & Celebrations NiceCream cake is the best way to sweeten up all your important FeelGood memories.

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A cake for memorable celebrations

Just tied the knot and need a little something sweet for your engagement party? Invite your close family and friends for an intimate gathering and treat them to our sweet Swirly Peppermint NiceCream Cake.

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Make every celebration feel golden

A high tea with the ladies long overdue? Maybe you need a NiceCream cake that’ll be the perfect cherry on top to your dinner party. Whether you’re have an intimate get-to-gather or a festive celebration, our Golden Crunchie® NiceCream Cake is perfect for any wonderfilled celebration. Why not make it more of a celebration by adding a bundle of  Caramel Crunch NiceCream Stix.


Customised sweetness for a personalised celebration

Have your NiceCream cake the way you like it. Have it two layers or three, have it with your favourite flavours and finish it off with your favourite toppings. All you have to do is visit our website or give us a ring to make your celebration one that’s unique to you.

unicorn of the sea nicecream cake
We’ve got something for all your celebrations
Make any celebration one to remember with our NiceCream cakes and yummilicious sweet treats. Our celebration station is the number one sweet spot for all your Part-yay needs. Order the perfect ice cream cake and other sweet treats to celebrate your sweet occasion now from our website or on the Milky Lane app.