Feelgood Waffles

At Milky Lane, we serve nothing but fluffy, light and oh-so-sweet waffles.

Every bite is full of delicious flavour and simply melts in your mouth. The secret of our waffles is our homestyle recipe that we prepare from scratch, every day. And the best part? You can decide whether to enjoy it with cream or NiceCream! If you can’t decide, you can get both! It’s on the hush-hush, but you can ask for half NiceCream and half cream on your waffle. Plus, when you visit us, you can add more feelgood flavour to our waffles with our free syrups! Drizzle berry-licious strawberry syrup, swirly-whirly maple syrup, oh-so-heavenly honey syrup, sticky-licious golden syrup, oh-so-creamy caramel syrup, yum-o-licious chocolate syrup, creamy-dreamy butterscotch syrup, all over your favourite waffle. Visit a Milky Lane near you and try one of our oh-so-sweet waffles today!
top of waffle

What are your favourite waffle toppings?

Swirls of NiceCream, crunchy peanuts, crushed cookies, or lots of chocolate sauce? Whatever flavours make you smile, Milky Lane has just the waffle for you!


Waffles and Ice Cream

We don’t just serve waffles and ice cream, we serve oh-so-sweet waffles and NiceCream! You can’t say you know where to find the best waffles in South Africa until you’ve tried one from Milky Lane. Whether you prefer it simple like our Classic Waffle or a decadent BAR-ONE® and Peppermint AERO® Waffle , we have the perfect waffle and ice cream combo for you.

Crunchy Chocolate Waffles

How much do we love our indulgent Death By Chocolate Waffle? A choco-lot! With generous toppings and rich chocolate sauce, it’s no wonder it’s every chocolate lovers sweet dream. We have many chocolate topped waffles – some have crunchy peanuts, others have real chocolate pieces or toasted marshmallows, and ALL are topped with drizzles of chocolate or BAR-ONE® sauce.

Wonderfilled Kids’ Waffles

Sharing a Milky Lane waffle with your little one can be cute, but sometimes you want to enjoy every bite by yourself. So, why not get your bundle of joy their own? We have the cutest, tastiest and oh-so-fun waffles that they’ll absolutely love! There’s Mr Waffle Head with a sweet face; a Mini Palace Waffle for your little prince or princess; they can find sweet smiles at the end of our Rainbow Waffle; or enjoy a magical Unicorn Waffle.

A waffle a day keeps the blues away!

It’s been proven that you can’t be sad when you’re eating a Milky Lane waffle with a double serving of smiles. So, if you were looking for a reason to indulge in your favourite waffle today, this is it.


Waffles for breakfast

Eating dessert after dinner is a thing of the past. Now you can enjoy it for breakfast! So, don’t wait to enjoy your favourite dessert, come to Milky Lane and indulge in breakfast waffles! If you’re looking to test it, try our BAR-ONE® and Banana Waffle. It has real banana slices, which are great for breakfast. Or simply enjoy an Original Waffle with two swirls of NiceCream or cream.

Waffles for date night

Nothing’s sweeter than sharing a Milky Lane waffle with a loved one. Whether it’s your bestie, significant other, or little one. It’s a sweet moment that you’ll both cherish forever. So, come in and share a decadent waffle such as our Death By Chocolate Waffle, or our mint and chocolate delight – the BAR-ONE® and Peppermint AERO®. Which one will you be sharing on your next date night?
Ferrero Rocher waffle with cream

Waffles for whenever

You know when the best time to have a waffle is? When you feel like it! Whether it’s after grocery shopping, a long week, or you’re simply looking to treat yourself. When that craving for a waffle hits, try a classic like our BAR-ONE® Bonanza Waffle or something new and decadent like our Ferrero Rocher Waffle. It’s all up to you! So, go on and order that Milky Lane waffle that you’ve been craving.

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Waffle faQ

At Milky Lane, we make our waffles from scratch, using our trusted homestyle recipe. You won’t find any of that pre-packaged, frozen stuff here.

It depends who you ask. Chocolate lovers say our Death By Chocolate Waffle is by far the best, but then fans of caramel swear that our ROLO® and Caramel Waffle is the best waffle ever. The only way to know for sure is to try our waffles and tell us which one is the best.

This a difficult question because ALL of our oh-so-sweet waffles are the best! We make them fresh, just for you, and top them with loads of toppings and swirls of NiceCream or cream.