Feelgood smiles and oh-so-sweet waffles

Waffles for breakfast?
Yup, and you can have them during lunch and as a sweet dessert, too. That’s because the perfect time to have an oh-so-sweet waffle is anytime you please. At Milky Lane, we’ve got one for you, the little ones and all your family and friends.

When the gold of the sun rays hits your face,
make sure it comes with a world of FeelGood smiles. How? Well, there’s only one fun-tastic way to do it and that’s with our NEW Aero® Caramel Gold Waffle. So, when you’re heading to the pool or having a beach day with the family, make sure you start at Milky Lane to add some YAY to your day.

Wondering which treat to enjoy with your BFF? We’ve got something that’s simply a chocolate lover’s dream. Visit Milky Lane and catch up with your bestie over our oh-so-yummy Death By Chocolate Waffle. It’s a great way to make the sweetest memories.

There’s nothing cuter than seeing the little ones digging into a yummilicious treat. That’s why you need to bring them over to the #1 sweet spot and spoil them to our fun-tastic Mr Waffle Head.

Make every day wonderfilled with all our oh-so-yummilicious waffles.