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Feelgood smiles and oh-so-sweet waffles
Feelgood smiles and oh-so-sweet waffles

Feel Good with Oh So Sweet Waffles

Waffles for breakfast?
Yup, and you can have them during lunch and as a sweet dessert, too. That’s because the perfect time to have an oh-so-sweet waffle is anytime you please. At Milky Lane, we’ve got one for you, the little ones and all your family and friends.

Enjoy a treasure of sweetness with our new waffles

When the gold of the sun rays hits your face,
make sure it comes with a world of FeelGood smiles. How? Well, there’s only one fun-tastic way to do it and that’s with our NEW Aero® Caramel Gold Waffle. So, when you’re heading to the pool or having a beach day with the family, make sure you start at Milky Lane to add some YAY to your day.

A yummilicious waffle that'll melt in your mouth

Wondering which treat to enjoy with your BFF? We’ve got something that’s simply a chocolate lover’s dream. Visit Milky Lane and catch up with your bestie over our oh-so-yummy Death By Chocolate Waffle. It’s a great way to make the sweetest memories.

the little ones will just love mr waffle head
There’s nothing cuter than seeing the little ones digging into a yummilicious treat. That’s why you need to bring them over to the #1 sweet spot and spoil them to our fun-tastic Mr Waffle Head.

Make every day wonderfilled with all our oh-so-yummilicious waffles.