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The sweetest way to stay
Warm and fuzzy

The cold may be here yet again, but that’s no reason to frown.
We’ve got treats that will give you the feelgood fuzzies when the weather has you feeling down. Stay super-duper warm and cozy with a cappuccino and an oh-so-sweet waffle

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Limited time offer R10 cappuccino

Your go-to cup for a feelgood morning

Yippee, the R10 Cappuccino is back! It’s here to warm you up, save you money and put FeelGood smiles on everyone’s face. Get one on the go when the morning gets a little nippy, or order a round as a wonderfilled surprise for all your colleagues. This winter, we’re so excited to share all the FeelGood fuzzies with you. Why not bring your favourite people and sit down for our delicious & decadent waffles with your R10 Cappuccino? You can spoil everyone to our NEW Caramel Popcorn Waffle or the ever so decadent Lindt Cookies & Cream waffle. If you’re really on the run and want to have it with a quick snack, there’s really nothing better than the world of sweetness that comes with enjoying our warm & fuzzies with our OREO®, Peppermint AERO® or Rainbow Mix Waffle Cookies.
Popcorn and caramel waffle
Lindt chocolate waffle with a cappuccino
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Come in for delicious cups of happiness

We’ve got just the thing to make winter your favourite season. When the sun is taking a nap behind the clouds, let us warm you up and brighten your day. Start your day with a cup of Milky Lane Coffee, a Café Latte or a wonderfully brewed Americano.

With us, every day is one to be celebrated in magical and funtastic ways. That’s why all our warm & fuzzy treats are always better when they are enjoyed with all our wonderfilled waffles.

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Celebrate all your warm and fuzzy winter moments

#1 Sweet Spot

Whether you’re getting one to start your day or treating your special people to a loving cup of frothy goodness, come on over to the celebration station and make the most of your day with our R10 Cappucino. It’s available Monday to Friday until 12pm.