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Feelgood fun and yummilicious ice carem

Stix or Conez, Swirly Whirly Whizzers or Dreamy Milkyshakes – whenever you’re on the hunt for the sweetest ice cream treats, you know where to go. We’ve got just the thing that’ll put the brightest of smiles on your face.

When running errands makes you feel like you’ve been in the mall forever and it seems like there’s no end, we’ve got something that will make it all worth it: ICE CREAM! Whether you’re going to the sweet spot or grabbing it from a Milky Lane cart, put a feelgood smile on your face with our NiceCream Stix, Conez or a yummilicious Tubz.

Make your date wonderfilled with ice cream dessert. Come on over to Milky Lane and treat your bestie or bae to our Dreamy Milkyshakes. How’s about one of our Supercilious Sunnydaes to put a smile on your favourite person’s face? Whatever treat you choose, you’ll enjoy a wonderfilled world of sweetness.


We’ve got a little something for the little ones too. When they get a gold star at school or are just always on their best behaviour, it’s time to celebrate them by putting a smile on their face with ice cream so nice we call it NiceCream. Bring them over to Milky Lane and get them something from our Kids Menu.