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Ice Cream Cakes for Kids

Unicorn of the sea heading

Humans have been fascinated by unicorns for thousands for years, and it’s easy to see why these mythical creatures hold a special place in many people’s hearts. They represent goodness, happiness and peace but are also a symbol of the stardust covered dreams many of us have. So it only makes sense to serve kids a cake that resembles this gleaming mythical creature. Picture this: a marbled marshmallow, grape and bubblegum ice cream cake topped with Bettercreme and a sugar cone horn, sprinkled with colourful gumballs, sour strips and Smarties. If that’s making your mouth water, imagine how appetising it would be to your kid.

Fallen cone heading

Rainbows are probably the closest thing we have to real magic. They’re beautiful, dreamy bands of light in the sky that appear just as the rain clears, almost as if they’re drawing out the sun. It should come as no surprise that some people believe a pot of gold can be found at the end of a rainbow. While you can’t catch a rainbow (or the pot of gold believed to be found at its end), you can capture the same magic with a colourful ice cream cake. Rainbows are formed when light strikes water droplets. The Fallen Cone cake, on the other hand, consists of a lot more ingredients and is way more satisfying to behold. Rainbow sprinkles and bingos in a vanilla NiceCream base are coated with Bettercreme, topped with a cone and sprinkled with pastel confetti to create this tasty baked treat.

While these cakes are great for kids’ birthday parties, they’ll work just as well at pool parties, graduation celebrations and themed parties. They’re big enough to serve 16 adults or 20 kids, so there will be more than enough to go around. No celebration is complete without cake, especially when kids are involved. You can be economical with everything else — decorations, games and even gifts — but all is forgiven if you get the right cake. Birthdays, graduations and themed parties are always special, and they become even more pleasurable when the right cake is added to the celebration. So the next time you’re hosting a get-together, give the plain chocolate and vanilla cake a break. Your kids will thank you for it.

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