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Spreading joy with our donation to the Smile Foundation

Spreading joy with our donation to the Smile Foundation

The sweetest sound in the world is the laughter of a happy child. Sadly, there are children who are not able to laugh or even smile due to physical challenges like facial abnormalities and severe burns. 

That’s why we partnered with the Smile Foundation – to spread joy and bring more smiles to more children.

We did this by donating a portion of the proceeds every time you purchased your favourite NiceCream Stix or Conez in the month of October, and through the donation portal on our website.

Smile Foundation
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The Smile Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to change the lives of these children by helping them access surgery, psychological care, and support for their families. To date, they’ve helped make life just a little bit more wonderfilled for over 3000 children.


Our recent donation to the Smile Foundation

Here’s what the Marketing Manager, Patricia Kasuka had to say: 

“This past week the brand team had the honour of handing over the donation cheque on behalf of Milky Lane to the Smile Foundation.

A total of R102,521 was donated to this amazing foundation that assists children with facial abnormalities to smile again.

This would not have been possible without the help of our franchise network who contributed to half of this donation cost from the sales of our October – November 2022 campaign. Well done to our network on supporting those in need and we look forward to continued support of The Smile Foundation!”

Thank you
for sharing smiles for good

Thank you to each and every person who purchased our NiceCream Stix and Conez or donated via our website. By doing so, you’ve helped us spread smiles for children across the country who may not have been able to. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages to find out how you can keep on helping!

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