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Smile Foundation - Chantelle's story


Being different is not always celebrated. It is often the cause of ridicule; something little Chantelle had to learn from a young age. You see, Chantelle was born with very prominent ears. A feature that her schoolmates would tease her about. It was constant bullying that shattered little Chantelle’s confidence and made her very sad.

The Smile Foundation decided to help Chantelle find her smile and get her self-confidence back. They got the good doctors at the Universitas Academic Hospital to perform a surgery to help little Chantelle. After her surgery, Chantelle’s confidence sky-rocketed and now this little superstar smiles for the whole world to see!

Milky Lane’s partnership with the Smile Foundation aims to celebrate little superstars, like Chantelle, and help more children find their smiles. Our friendship with the Smile Foundation is more than Corporate Social Responsibility; it’s an extension of our own belief: To share smiles and feelgood.

Image Attribution: Smile Foundation 2022