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Toddler with cleft lip

Every parent dreams of the day when they can finally meet their little bundle of joy after months of waiting. This was also true for Wyatt’s parents, but unfortunately, when they saw their little baby boy for the first time they were shocked. You see, little Wyatt was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.

A bilateral cleft lip and palate is a common birth defect where a child has openings or splits in the upper lip and the roof of his mouth. His parents knew that it would be difficult for their little boy to live a normal life due to his facial anomaly. What they didn’t know was that help was already on the way, the Smile Foundation.

The family met with the friendly doctors and specialists at the Universitas Hospital who told them everything that they needed to know about Wyatt’s condition as well as how to feed him correctly and what surgeries he needed. When he had his first surgery to repair his cleft lip, everyone agreed he looked beautiful and had a lovely smile!

Wyatt has had surgery on his cleft palate, but he has to go back to the hospital so that the doctors can close a small opening that allows milk into his nose. After this surgery, Wyatt will be able to smile, eat and drink with no problem at all.

Milky Lane’s partnership with the Smile Foundation aims to celebrate the little stars, like Wyatt, and help more children find their smiles. Our friendship with the Smile Foundation is more than Corporate Social Responsibility; it’s an extension of our own belief: To share smiles and feelgood.

Image Attribution: Smile Foundation 2022